I’ve been having this intense relationship with John Frusciante’s music lately. I found some shots of him (presumably part of the same photoshoot from my perevious drawing’s reference photo) and I am completely taken by him. 
Don’t get me wrong. This love is for how his music makes me feel, and how it accurately expresses how I feel. But it has been my personal experience that artist-artist love is very stormy and aggravating. 

“When you`re talking to a fan, you`re talking to somebody who`s not talking to you. They`re talking to a photograph, they`re talking to their image of you, they`re talking to a walking poster. And if you make the mistake of thinking, that they`re talking to you… When they tell you that you`re a genius, or that you`re so fucking cool… Or whatever their fucking image is of you… Then if you believe it… Then you, the real human being dies.” – JFru

Yo, dawg. I hear you like John Frusciante. So you’re gonna draw a picture of the image of John in your head and have John interpret that picture as the picture of himself as you saw him in a picture in your head.

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